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Making Autonomy Safe & Accessible

The world's first driverless ute will be on the state's country roads soon.

ConICAV™ Solution

Conigital Intelligent Connected Automated Transport.

The Proof

Demonstrates ability to address regional mobility challenges.

Safety For The future

Increases safety in transportation recognising people and local wildlife i.e. kangaroos, wallabies.

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Project Overview

Accidents Caused By Kangaroos
Of Intense Testing

Transport for NSW has partnered with leading industry, researchers, local councils and businesses to develop and codeliver a world first Automated Ride Share trial in Dubbo. The trial focuses on customer mobility use cases and investigates the benefits and challenges involved in introducing emerging connected and automated vehicle technology to NSW and the country. The trial will operate in real world environments and help the project partners develop scalable transport solutions that improve safety and mobility outcomes in regional Australia. In line with the NSW Government’s Future Transport 2056 Strategy the trial focuses on understanding how automated vehicles will operate as part of the integrated transport network, including the physical and digital infrastructure required to support their operation and the role of government in enabling customer focused commercial operations into the future.

Welcome to The Future Of Driverless Utes

ConICAV™ - Optimised Mobility Platform For Any Vehicle​

A complete turnkey ‘lift and shift’ optimised driverless vehicle platform.

Improving Customer Mobility and Safety

Kadars™ Platform​

The Dubbo trial integrates multiple forms of new technology in a real world pilot and  understanding the role they can play in the future mobility ecosystem.

Welcome to The Future Of Driverless Utes

Voice Control Concierge
Gemma™ and David™ are the latest in voice control technology which will be embedded in the driverless Ute. Gemma™ or David™ will provide a concierge service to passengers, allowing them to shop online, ask questions and much more.

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Help prevent Kangaroo traffic Incidents...

Help prevent Kangaroo traffic incidents by uploading your personal Kangaroo dash-cam footage today. Together we can all start to make a big diffrence.

Project UTE

Project Partners

The Dubbo trial integrates multiple forms of new technology in a real world pilot and aims to provide value to all project partners in understanding the role they can play in the future mobility ecosystem. The project is also key to providing TfNSW and project partners a greater understanding of the regulatory, safety and technical considerations of retrofitted automation platforms onto existing vehicles. The trial is led by Amey and co-funded by leading local and international organisations who also bring specific skill sets and industry understanding to deliver a successful trial. 

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